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Jim Harding Columns

Jim Harding is a retired professor of justice studies at the University of Regina. He is a founding member of the Regina Group for a Non-Nuclear Society and was director of research for Prairie Justice Research at the University of Regina, where he headed up the Uranium Inquiries Project. Jim also acted as consultant to the NFB award-winning film Uranium. He is the author of Canada’s Deadly Secret: Saskatchewan Uranium and the Global Nuclear System.

Is Nuclear Power Really Affordable?

The Ontario nuclear corporation Bruce Power (BP) is running a high-profile PR campaign along the North Saskatchewan River from Lloydminster to North Battleford to Prince Albert.

Let's get honest community feedback on nuclear power!

Prince Albert wants "feedback from the community" on Bruce Power building nuclear plants "within a 50 km radius" of the city. PA's city Manager issued a release Feb.

Is Environmental Health the new Bottom Line?

Everything we breath, drink and eat comes from the earth’s biosphere. We are continually replenished as elements flow through us.

How "Green" Is The Federal Stimulus Package?

It's hard for supporters of Prime Minister Harper to grasp how a call for a $15 billion cut to spending during the election turns into a $40 billion stimulus package, and big deficit.

Is Nuclear Energy Clean?

The nuclear industry appeals to our concerns about global warming when it promotes itself as being the "clean energy". You've probably seen the ads.

Is Nuclear Power Sustainable?

The nuclear industry is trying to jump on the sustainability bandwagon.

What Does Sustainability Mean?

The use of the term “sustainability” spreads rapidly.

Nuclear Not Good Provider of Electricity

Enterprise and Innovation Minister Lyle Stewart is telling citizens that renewable energy like "Wind and solar have their place, but because they are intermittent and unpredictable, they simply can