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Jim Harding Columns

Jim Harding is a retired professor of justice studies at the University of Regina. He is a founding member of the Regina Group for a Non-Nuclear Society and was director of research for Prairie Justice Research at the University of Regina, where he headed up the Uranium Inquiries Project. Jim also acted as consultant to the NFB award-winning film Uranium. He is the author of Canada’s Deadly Secret: Saskatchewan Uranium and the Global Nuclear System.

Are We On The Edge Of Cultural Evolution Taking Us Towards Sustainability?

Part 4 in a Series on Evolution and Sustainability

Killing the Wheat Board, Kyoto and the Rule of Law

Since it got its long-sought after majority government last May, the Harper government has fast-tracked legislation that reflects its ultra-conservatism.

The Leaders's Debate: Stiff, Predictable and Evasive

On Oct. 25th the Premier and Leader of the Opposition squared off in the leader’s debate for the Nov. 7th election.

Premier Wall Can't Have It Both Ways

We could finish this election campaign without serious issues even being raised, which isn’t the way to practice democracy.

How Does Saskatchewan “Grade” On Renewable Energy?

With a provincial election coming, it’s time to take stock of how well Saskatchewan is doing making the transition to a sustainable energy system.

Can The Greens Become Saskatchewan’s Third Party?

The future of Saskatchewan's Green Party hung in the balance after provincial leader Larissa Shasko recently stepped down to join the NDP.

Should The NDP Apologize?

The northern-based Committee for Future Generations recently wrote all NDP MLAs and candidates asking for support for legislation banning nuclear wastes in Saskatchewan.

Moving Saskatchewan Forward…To a Toxic Economy

The Wall government is ramping up for the fall election with the slogan “Moving Saskatchewan Forward!” But is the direction it is taking us really forward at all?