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Jim Harding Columns

Jim Harding is a retired professor of justice studies at the University of Regina. He is a founding member of the Regina Group for a Non-Nuclear Society and was director of research for Prairie Justice Research at the University of Regina, where he headed up the Uranium Inquiries Project. Jim also acted as consultant to the NFB award-winning film Uranium. He is the author of Canada’s Deadly Secret: Saskatchewan Uranium and the Global Nuclear System.

“Grandfather” Of Organic Farming Dies

When our great grandchildren look back they will be grateful that there were pioneers of sustainability looking to protect the future.

The North Deserves Better - Part 2

One of the main themes of the Keepers of the Water gathering at Wollaston Lake in August was the need to bring traditional land-based knowledge and critical environmental science closer together.

The North Deserves Better - part 1

The North Saskatchewan Environmental Quality Committee, or NSEQC, was started in 1995 “to help bridge (the) information gap between northerners, government and the uranium mining industry.” It assu

Conflict of Interest in Northern Saskatchewan

On my recent trip to the Keepers of the Water gathering at Wollaston Lake I witnessed the intricacies of northern uranium politics.

Watershed Gathering Attracts Five Hundred

I have just returned from the Watershed Gathering at Wollaston Lake August 19th to 23rd. Five hundred people attended this event which was only accessible by plane or boat.

United Church Calls For Ban On Nuclear Wastes

The United Church, Saskatchewan’s largest religious organization, has entered the debate on nuclear wastes.

A Close Look At A Pronuclear “Environmentalist”

It’s important to know “both sides” of the nuclear waste controversy now that Saskatchewan is being targeted as a nuclear dump.

Do We Want Saskatchewan to Become a Nuclear Waste Dump?

The Sask Party government can’t make up its mind whether it wants Saskatchewan to become a nuclear waste dump.