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environmental impacts

Saving Seeds Supports Sustainability


As a child I was amazed how a tiny seed could grow into such a luscious plant. I learned what it meant to have a “green thumb” by carefully watching my relatives who gardened; some tended the soil which nourished the seeds while others left the seeds to fend for themselves. After decades of gardening I’ve better grasped how the seed is both catalyst and medium bringing the earth’s nutrients, the biosphere’s water and the sun’s energy into a life-generating process. With deepening understanding it seems even more miraculous.

The North Deserves Better - Part 2


Last week I looked at how the North Saskatchewan Environmental Quality Committee (NSEQC) is too close to industry to have any significant influence on protecting the North. This week I look at how the Athabasca Working Group (AWG) environmental monitoring program is also too close to industry and how this undercuts its scientific credibility and ability to reassure northerners that it continues to be safe to live off the land.