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Rebuilding the Public Trust From The Bottom Up


Without full transparency there can’t be full accountability. Watching the Harper Conservative’s handling of the Senate scandal, we are quickly learning that the art of governance can easily become about controlling information to hide collusion, incompetence and double standards. None of this will help us meet our coming challenges.

Harper’s “Conservative” Economism: Rhetoric and Reality


The Harper-run Conservatives combined their revisioning of conservatism and economism into a winning strategy. With significant vote-splitting in the existing first-past-the-post system, a minority won a majority of seats in 2011. The broad Canadian public now seems to be looking more deeply at the rhetoric and the realities of Harper’s political brand. It’s about time.

Activists challenge Brad Wall on energy, environment


Unimpressed by Premier Brad Wall’s defense of his recent controversial comments about Cameco, northern activists directly challenged the premier to improve his record on a range of social, economic and environmental issues.