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Nuclear Industry

How "Green" Is The Federal Stimulus Package?


It's hard for supporters of Prime Minister Harper to grasp how a call for a $15 billion cut to spending during the election turns into a $40 billion stimulus package, and big deficit. Polls show most Canadians think it's about keeping power. However, if this helps restructure Canada so the economy is more ecologically sustainable, something good could come of it.

Is Nuclear Energy Clean?


The nuclear industry appeals to our concerns about global warming when it promotes itself as being the "clean energy". You've probably seen the ads. And advertisers know if you repeat something enough times it starts to be taken as "fact". We hear "nuclear is clean" over and over, including from provincial government officials who reflexively say nuclear is the way to reduce greenhouse gases.

Is Nuclear Power Sustainable?


The nuclear industry is trying to jump on the sustainability bandwagon. The Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) even has a website "Nuclear energy and sustainable development", where it presents itself as being sustainable. But is it?