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nuclear reactors

Will Wall's Government Respect Its Consultation Process?


On September 15th Dan Perrins delivered his public consultations‚ report to Wall’s government. In March, the Uranium Development Partnership (UDP) recommended that Saskatchewan develop nuclear power and create a nuclear waste dump. Growing public concern about UDP one-sidedness left the Sask Party government with no political alternative but to undertake a “public consultation process”, which Perrins led from April to July. With 2,637 people in total attending thirteen public meetings, 1,275 written submissions and 61 stakeholder groups presenting, Energy and Resources Minister Boyd was right in calling it ‘the broadest and most transparent public debate on uranium development ever undertaken in Saskatchewan”.

Nuclear Not Good Provider of Electricity


Enterprise and Innovation Minister Lyle Stewart is telling citizens that renewable energy like "Wind and solar have their place, but because they are intermittent and unpredictable, they simply can not replace big base load plants such as coal, nuclear and hydroelectric." Stewart has been listening to Bruce Power, the Ontario firm that wants to build nuclear power plants on the North Saskatchewan.