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renewable energy

Canada Falling Behind Global Trend To Green Energy


Recent UN reports confirm that the shift to green energy (renewables, energy efficiency and bio-energy) is gaining ground globally. The United Nations Environmental Program's (UNEP's) report "Global Trends in Green Energy 2009" shows that for the second year in a row investments in green energy topped those in non-renewables - fossil fuels and nuclear combined.

What Challenges Face Renewable Energy?


The feature in the November 2009 Scientific American shows plenty of renewable energy for future uses. But what are the challenges to conversion and are they manageable? Renewables must be scrutinized with the same criteria used for other energy options. While renewable "fuels" - from wind, sun and water - are inexhaustible and free, what about the availability of other required materials? And how do renewables stack up to non-renewables insofar as reliability? What about the comparative costs? Finally, how will the economy and government policies impact conversion?