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renewable energy

Are Alternative Sources of Energy Available?


Saskatchewan people are becoming more informed about energy, as we should. Having twenty times (20 X) the global, per capita, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions challenges us to quickly convert to sustainable energy. Over the last year we’ve had a controversy over the “nuclear option” and the provincial government has now recognized that nuclear power is too costly and inappropriate for our needs.

How "Green" Is The Federal Stimulus Package?


It's hard for supporters of Prime Minister Harper to grasp how a call for a $15 billion cut to spending during the election turns into a $40 billion stimulus package, and big deficit. Polls show most Canadians think it's about keeping power. However, if this helps restructure Canada so the economy is more ecologically sustainable, something good could come of it.

What Does Sustainability Mean?


The use of the term “sustainability” spreads rapidly. It’s becoming a catchphrase for everything from “green products” to sustain profitable sales, to changing technologies to better sustain eco-systems. It may become so ambiguous, even contradictory, that it loses its meaning.