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Lester Brown on the Explosion of Wind Power

Lester Brown of the Earth Policy Institute, in an excerpt from a longer talk given in late 2011. The full, highly recommended talk is at

Overview of Uranium Mining

Dr. Edwards addresses the need to strengthen safety standards on uranium mining & radioactive elements in the tailings resulting from mining activities. Dr. Edwards recommends no new uranium mines be licensed until technologies exist allowing for the extraction of the long lived radio nuclides from the ore. Looking at the big picture, Dr. Edwards asserts that uranium mining shouldn't be allowed at all.

Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility CCNR

Nathan Cullen on parties cooperating

NDP leadership candidate Nathan Cullen explains why he thinks his party should be open to the idea of cooperating against the Conservatives in the next federal election.


Francois Paulette of the Indigenous Environment Network speaks about downstream communities affected by the tar sands, and how the CAnadian government's failure to respect the lives of non-human creatures like woodland caribou is a violation.