Radiating Posters–A collection of posters from the global movement against nuclear power

Radiating Posters–A collection of posters from the global movement against nuclear power

Posted Fri, 10/08/2010 – 20:48

The book Radiating Posters is a visual compilation of 40 years of global struggle against nuclear energy – more than 600 full-colour posters from 45 countries created between 1970 and 2011. The book reflects the richness of the multi-cultural heritage of the nuclear free movement – it could also serve as an excellent source of inspiration for poster designers.

‘Radiating posters’ will be an important tool in showing the rich history of the anti-nuclear movement and by doing so spreading the anti-nuclear message.

Never before such a large collection of anti-nuclear posters was brought together, or, for that matter, of any other societal issue, of so many countries, cultures and of such a long period.

This book truly is an homage to the richness of the cultural heritage of the anti-nuclear power movement and could be a source of inspiration for anyone deciding to design a poster.

‘Radiating posters’ is published by WISE Amsterdam and Laka Foundation.

Includes posters from Saskatchewan groups: Saskatoon Citizens for a Non-Nuclear Society, the Inter-Church Uranium Committee, Clean Green Regina, Pokebusters Citizens Coalition & Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan. Representing the art of David Geary, Greg Land, Lia Sunshine ter Heide & Richard Vickarious.

Now available in Saskatchewan at:

  • Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan (see below for ordering details)
    phone: (306) 653-1686
    email: cleangreensask@yahoo.ca
  • Turning The Tide Bookstore
    525-11th Street East, Saskatoon, SK.
    phone: (306) 955-3070
    email: inquiry@turning.ca
  • University of Saskatchewan Bookstore
    Marquis Hall, 97 Campus Drive Saskatoon, SK.
    phone: (306) 966-4468

The Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan is selling Radiating Posters for $27.00 each.

Call Karen (306) 653-1686 to make arrangements to buy & pick up your copy(s)

To have books mailed to you, please use our PayPal account ( see button on bottom of this page). Under “Add special instructions to the seller” tab, indicate you are making a donation for a book, and include the following postage rates in the amount:

  • For 1 – 3 copies, add $10.00 to the price of the book(s). (Example: 2 books @ $27.00 = $54.00 + $10.00 postage = $64.00)
  • For 4 – 6 copies, add $12.50 to the price of the books. (Example: 5 books @ $27.00 = $135.00 + $12.50 postage = $147.50)

After you have placed your order, please contact us with your contact information including your full name, mailing address and phone number, and we will mail your books.