68% of Saskatchewanians say: Stop Mining Uranium

68% of Saskatchewanians say: Stop Mining Uranium

Posted Wed, 10/24/2012 – 00:00

More than two-thirds of Saskatchewanians believe that no more uranium mines should be approved in the province until the huge mess of toxic radioactive tailings, which have been left behind over 50 years of mining activity, have been contained and cleaned up. Oracalepoll Research Ltd. conducted a survey of 800 people in the province from September 10 to 16 in which respondents were presented with the following information and related question:

“Citing public record, some opponents have been critical of both government and industry for failing to effectively manage or contain radioactive uranium mine tailings in northern Saskatchewan over the past 50 years. Would you support or oppose a proposal to stop further uranium mining in Saskatchewan until all radioactive mine tailings have been satisfactorily and permanently contained?”

A 68% majority support the plan, while 23% would oppose it and 9% remain undecided.

The poll was commissioned by the HUES3 Campaign Committee and the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE).

Dr. Helen Caldicott, a physician and world-renowned speaker on nuclear issues, commented on the poll results. “It is morally indefensible that the federal and provincial governments and the uranium companies continue to rake in huge revenues from uranium mining, yet are unwilling to clean up the highly toxic radioactive tailings in Saskatchewan’s North more than fifty years after they were left behind,” she explained. “The public is right to say, Enough is enough!” Dr. Caldicott is the author of eight books and subject of the Oscar award winning film If You Love This Planet.

PDF version with methodology and graphics.