Harper government targets environmental groups? Global News …

Harper government targets environmental groups? Global News …

Monday February 17, 2014 — Fundraising expert Harvey McKinnon says the federal government is using the Canada Revenue Agency to try to shutdown and intimidate environmental groups. Is Ottawa really unfairly targeting public interest groups? Find out on Unfiltered with Jill Krop. Also see: Questions about audits of environmental groups CBC February 6, 2014 and Clayton Ruby on ForestEthics Advocacy and Freedom of Speech April 18, 2012.

Prominent environmental charities in Canada being audited by CRA (Audio) – February 7, 2014 As It Happens

RCMP and CSIS face complaints of illegal spying on environmental activists opposing oil pipelines – February 6, 2014

7 environmental charities face Canada Revenue Agency audits – February 6, 2014

Green is the new red: Will Potter on the problem of treating environmentalists like terrorists – January 31, 2014

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