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Posted Tue, 08/14/2012 – 00:00

The summer of 2012 has seen a group of dedicated activists from Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario begin working to revive resistance against the nuclear industry’s persistent efforts to entrench its economic objectives in Saskatchewan.

Perhaps the most pressing issue is the continuing attempts by the industry-driven Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) at finding a “willing” community in northern Saskatchewan to host a nuclear waste disposal site. Northern communities are divided between the need to alleviate desperate poverty and unemployment and the very real concern for the long-term environmental and personal impact of toxic radioactive wastes.

At the same time, the administration at the University of Saskatchewan has fallen under the influence of the nuclear industry, and both the provincial and federal governments, wishing to promote value-added uranium development. The creation of the Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation (CCNI) at U of S in 2011 is designed to further that corporate agenda.

The HUES3 Campaign Core Committee includes, among others:

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No matter how you say it, no matter how crass it sounds to our refined ears – money makes the world go round! Our opposition knows it, and they take full advantage of the fact. How much largesse and how many billboards and TV ads have you seen lately touting the wonders of Uranium? We all know Cameco, Areva and the chambers of commerce have deep pockets to win over public opinion.

We may be volunteers, but we in the HUES3 Campaign are dedicated and knowledgeable lay people committed to resisting the nuclear agenda in Saskatchewan and beyond. Our job will be that much easier if YOU will consider a generous donation to help allay our campaign costs.

So far we have received private pledges of financial assistance amounting to $7,200. But you can imagine with the events we hope to sponsor, the publicity, posters and publications we want to distribute, that we could definitely do with more money in the bank.

Thanks to one of our major partners, Physicians for Education and Research, you can receive a receipt for your contribution as a charitable donation.

Make your donation payable to:

Physicians for Education and Research
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The memo line on your cheque should read, “HUES3 Campaign.”