Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Changing our energy system through a combination of conservation, energy efficiency, passive solar and geothermal heating, wind, solar photovoltaic, co-generation, biomass and small-scale hydro is vital to our future.

Renewal energy options will provide more, safer and decentralized jobs for our province’s people without burdening us and future generations with dangerous waste products.

The Green Energy Project Saskatchewan (GEPS) is a registered non-profit corporation in the province of Saskatchewan. The goal of GEPS is to create a comprehensive, technically sound plan to transform Saskatchewan’s electricity grid to run on renewable energy sources in a way that will also be economically and socially beneficial for our rural, urban and First Nations communities.

Climate change and peak oil are the defining challenges of the 21st Century. Saskatchewan, with its sunny weather, abundant wind resource, and existing hydro-electric capacity, is well-placed to meet these challenges — yet we currently have the highest greenhouse gas emissions per capita (70 tonnes/person/year) of all Canadian provinces! We can do much better.

Transforming Saskatchewan’s Electrical Future is a series of five reports produced by GEPS which examine how Saskatchewan can move toward sustainability through increased efficiency in how we use electricity, harnessing our potential for wind and solar power, and what policy changes need to be made to build a renewable energy society in Saskatchewan. We have the resources to do it here, but we need the political will to act. Saskatchewan citizens have an important role to play in making this transition.

The Pembina Institute based in Alberta, provides evidence based science to support the transition toward clean energy solutions in Canada. Greening the Grid: Powering Alberta’s Future with Renewable Energy, published in 2009 was a groundbreaking report demonstrating how Alberta could move from 70 percent coal to 70 per cent renewable energy in just 20 years.

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